Tuesday 30 June 2009

Normal Service will resume - eventually !!!

Hi everyone !

I just wanted to pop on and leave you a message that I have not disappeared off the face of the Earth, I am alive and well but up a ladder and covered in paint !

We started decorating our hall, landing and stairs a couple of weeks ago when my hubby was on holiday from work and it was going really well until he hurt his knee and now I am having to do it all by myself as he has been told it needs rest. He has also been signed off from work now because its been so bad. He is sitting watching CBeebies with Fizzy while I'm doing the decorating !!

I am having a break from my DT cards until I can get the decorating sorted because if I leave the decorating and he goes back to work, because of the shifts he works it will be a further 8 weeks until I/we can pick up a paint brush again.

I'm getting there slowly but surely but because we chose such awful colours in the beginning, it is taking a lot of painting, 2 coats of the entire hall, landing and stairs and ours isn't small either !

I hope to be back very soon :o)



  1. Oh nightmare!! I hope youmanage to get it all painted! WE hope to do the same during the summer hols..so I might be droppping off thr face of the earth too! LOL!
    Have fun!
    Judy xx

  2. Oh Boy Jo! Hope you manage to get it all done. We have just finished some decorating ourselves so I know what it is like! Good Luck. Kim

  3. Good luck with the decorating, any chance you can finish our hall and landing as well.

  4. Oh Jo what a nightmare, hope hubby's knee is soon better and you take care yourself up and down ladders
    Hope you manage to get it finished soon
    Hugs Jackie

  5. Oh Jo, it sounds like you've been through the mill and your poor hubby! I have every sympathy with you, we did our hall, stairs and landing at Easter and I spent 2 weeks scrapping old wallpaper off, nightmare. Luckily we were putting new paper on which I think is much quicker than painting. I hope it all goes ok.


  6. I always enjoyed painting around the house. I've been going around the past week touching up a few spots. It was always a nice break from everyday things! But good luck with everything. Hope your hubby's knee gets better soon.

    I love you blog layout too so bright and colorful! Miss ya! Kristen

  7. Oh, I don't envy you that task at all Jo, hall stairs and landing are the absolute worst ones to do, I really feel for you. Hope hubby's knee is better soon and you can get back to normality. hugs, Chris xxx


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