Saturday 24 May 2008

I have competition !

My darling little girl, Ski, decided she wanted to make a card today and knew exactly what she wanted to do and how she wanted to make it. After a few minutes of rummaging through my stash she finally found what she wanted. With a little bit of help with cutting and sticking of the backing paper, she was off and look what she created ! What a star and a budding crafter ! Well done, precious !

My girls and I also had a lovely afternoon together and went to our local craft shop to see a DoCrafts demonstration by Dianne Herbert who was excellent and she thoroughly entertained both girls. There was only one problem. There wasn't anything Di got out of her tote that Ski had to shout around the shop "my Mum has that", "my Mum has that as well" ! I obviously spend far too much money and have far too much stash ! We made a hasty retreat to the park !

Thank's Di, you were brilliant !

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  1. Hello "my mummy has that" your card is lovely you are a very clever litle girl. It was very nice to see you on Saturday. I hope you make a nice card with your bits that I gave you. Hope to see you again Di xx


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