Sunday 18 May 2008

Wow, a blog for me !

Well, here I am ! A blog ! This morning it was just a "I wonder if I could have one of those" and now, this afternoon, I'm typing my first post !

My OH has gone off to work and I amazingly have managed to set this up all myself, I am soooo pleased with myself !

I only started card making just before Christmas after seeing my best friend trying her hand at scrapbooking and I was so impressed, I wanted to have a try but somehow, I ended up in the World of card making rather than scrapbooking. I think I ended up trying my hand at card making because I was already making my own cards using my PC and various card making programs I had bought over the years but I loved the embellishments and all the gorgeous things you could add onto a plain piece of paper and totally transform it.

My Christmas present decided on, dining room taken over with everything craft my addiction began and it grew and grew and grew !

I have been a regular visitor to many craft forums and I have my favourites which I now regularly visit and I have been totally inspired by such very clever people and those people have helped me out tremendously with the many silly questions I have asked ! I have found out along the way that you have to ask those "silly questions" otherwise you never do find out the answer of how, when or what so bite your lip and ask !

I hope to be able to inspire others as much as they have inspired me so I hope you enjoy my blog.

Welcome !


  1. woooohoooo!! Well done you hunny :o)

    Welcome to blogland!

    Jules x

  2. Well done! Really happy for you and great blog too! Welcome to e world of Blogging! You'll get hooked!


  3. Yay another blogger!!!!
    welcome hun

  4. Welcome to blogland JO :) Looking good. I'll add you to my links section :)

  5. welcome to the wonderful world of blogging you'll soon be hooked (if your not already lol) looking forward to future posts


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Thanks !

Jo x

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