Sunday 9 November 2008

I've been tagged and received an Award !

I've been tagged by the lovely and talented Kathleen . Thanks !

This is how it works. You have to link to the person who tagged you and list the rules on the blog. Then answer the five questions and tag five people. Add links to their blogs, and let them know they've been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

Things I love

1. My beautiful girls and hubby

2. A good giggle

3. A lovely holiday where I can relax and feel the warm sun and watch my girls have enormous fun

4. Shopping in craft shops - any will do !

5. A good, cooked meal.

Things I hate

1. Wet wool - oh my goodness - just thinking of the feel of it sets me going !

2. Broad beans.

3. Nuts - I actually very, very allergic to them so they frighten the life out of me !

4. Headaches and feeling ill

5. Having to wait for things !

Music on my ipod or playlist

Sorry, I am going to have to be very boring about this because I haven't got an ipod and I don't have a playlist ! Running round after Fizzy all day doesn't give me any chance to listen to music and with a 7 year old in the house I am continually bombarded with High School Musical - all three of them !!

I do however have a varied taste in music from Depeche Mode, Take That, Beautiful South, Justin Timberlake, Abba and loads more besides.

Favourite foods/drinks

1. A nice cup of tea

2. Doolies (like Baileys but is vodka and caramel !)

3. Sweets

4. Crisps

5. Lovely steak meal with prawn and advocado cocktail for starters.

I have also received this terrific award from Tara and Toni for which I thank you both.

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