Sunday 3 July 2011

My First Time ;)

Happy Sunday to you all !

Sorry, no card from me but I wanted to share with you a first in the Nevill household - real cake making !! I've managed to knock up the odd scone and I think perhaps some fairy cakes many moons ago but I never make cakes normally.

For some reason this morning I felt in the mood to make some cupcakes - probably because I have been inspired by all the beauties in blog land and because I tasted the most amazing cupcake ever at a school fete yesterday afternoon !

Off to Mr Tesco we went and bought everything we needed for cupcakes (even a starter set which had every gadget you need to start which was vital in this house !) and off we went with downloaded receipe from BBC Food and here is the result !

The girls of course wanted to get involved so they helped with all the mixing and decorating !

The most observant of you will notice there are some missing and here is the reason why......

So quick I couldn't even get a picture of it in her hand !!!

Just look at all that glitter ! Poor Dad will be looking like Barbie by the time he has finished his lunch at work tomorrow !!

Have a glittery cupcake Sunday !


  1. Oh wow !! they look absolutely gorgeous !! I am sure they must have tasted delicious too by the look on her cute face ha ha :-) YUM !!!

    Lols x x x

  2. Just love her expression! They look yummy, Jo x

  3. They look so yummy
    I love the expression on your daughters face

    Hugs Jackie x

  4. this made my mouth water. wish they invented a scratch and lick computer.

  5. Stick the kettle on, I'll be there in a while!! lol. The expression on your little one's face is priceless. Great job on the cupcakes. xx


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