Sunday 10 July 2011

It's Time For......Cupcake Sunday !!!

Good evening ! I hope you have had a great weekend ?

Today is the hubsters Birthday and after enjoying the cupcakes I made for the first time last weekend his request was that I made some more preferably with chocolate in them so on with the apron and chef's hat and taaaa darrrrr - here we go !!!

This was a very simple recipe actually found by my mate Sandie (who I ought to mention has some super duper blog candy on her blog which finishes on 31st July) this morning when I was hastily trying to find a chocolate cupcake recipe on the internet because I had of course left it to the last minute !! My angel on horseback signed into MSN and found me this one !! A lot less faffing about, you just chuck all the ingredients in a bowl and mix - simples even for a novice like me !

They went down a storm !

I found a lovely sounding recipe for carrot cake cupcakes today so keep your eyes peeled for hopefully another Cupcake Sunday !!!

Have a great week and thank's for your yummy visit !!


  1. They look Gorgeous l could just eat one now and l'm going to Sandie's blog right now:) Sandra H

  2. Ooh they look gorgeous - any chance of the recipe for the carrot cake cupcakes that sounds right up my street xx

  3. Stop showing me cakes when I haven't had breakfast yet!!!
    You'd better have saved me one, they look delicious!!!
    Heather xx


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