Sunday 8 June 2008

Wiltshire is so beautiful

What a gorgeous day for a change. It's been so lovely, sunny and warm today and definately not a day for sitting in and making cards ! The girls and I decided to have an afternoon out so off we went to "Heaven's Gate" which is on the Longleat Estate. It is absolutely wonderful there, so peaceful (even though there were a lot of people visiting). A woodland walk bringing you to, well, Heaven. I can see why it was named "Heaven's Gate"

These are the photos I took along the way....

And finally, Heaven........

If you look carefully (or click on the photo for an enlargement) you can see Longleat House in the background and the fountains in the garden. The safari park is all around too and sometimes you can see the animals !

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  1. Lovely pictures - we love to spend weekends away at Center Parcs - maybe part of the same forest -


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