Saturday 21 June 2008

I've been tagged - by 3 people !!

I've been tagged by 3 different people today, Ultramum, Lauren (Lollies) and Copse all of the CB Forum. Well, here are my answers you are all dying to find out !!!!!

10 years ago

Well, we moved into this house we are now in 11 years ago this month and it was in a right state. I guess I was probably in my scruffs and up to my eyes in dust, plaster and paint !

5 things in today's to do list

Wash up (yuk !)
Ironing (yuk !)
Make sure the girls are happy and look after them
Make some cards (yippee !)
Cook the tea

Snacks I enjoy

Kid's jelly sweets (especially Maynards Sports Mix !), crisps, chocolate, anything thats bad for me really !

10 things I would do if I was a millionnaire

Move house preferably by the sea in the middle of nowhere with a huge craft room and of course have all the craft goodies I need !
Go on holiday
Give our girls their own private tutor or send them to a really good school
Buy my OH the cars he really wants
Take our girls to Disneyland
Help out my friends and some charities
I would then save the rest for our old age and our girls for their future

Places I have lived

Southwick, Nr. Trowbridge in Wiltshire
Frome in Somerset

Who I am going to tag

When I can find someone who hasn't been tagged, I will tag them so keep still everyone I'm comin' for ya !!!!!

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  1. Did you tag me Jo? someone did but I can't find it now rofl.


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