Thursday 12 June 2008

More Love !

Charmed Cards have been running a competition and the theme for that has been "Love". For a change from using the usual colours to symbolise love, I decided to have a change and use different colours. I found this Sugar Nellie image which someone gave me and thought it was perfect. Love doesn't have to be with a person, it can be our pets and you can also love your best friend which pets usually are.

I can't imagine for one moment that I will win the competition as the other entries are stunning but it was a challenge to make something that little bit different.

While making the card I wanted some brown buttons for the centre of the flowers. I remembered that I had upstairs, deep in a cupboard, a very old Quality Street tin which my Grandma (who died about 15 years ago) gave me which is full to the brim with buttons (you used to do that in those days, keep all the buttons off of clothes !). I found two brown buttons that fitted perfectly in the centres which came from a cardigan belonging to my Grandad who died about 20 years ago. Love is also in those buttons.


  1. Thats great Jo, it's nice to do something a little different thats what makes it a challenge:) Karen

  2. Lovely card Boots and super sentiments. My gran had an old biscuit tin filled with old buttons ... you brought back lovely memories of time spent sorting them into little groups before popping them back until our next visit. Simple things ...


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